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Insights and Strategy

2,500+ high value segments + AskGenie analysis

Creative and Content

200+ languages


Potential to reach 10million+ CALD Australians


In culture & in language landing pages, websites & tools

Cultural Ambassadors and Activation

1,500 cultural experts

Media amplification

We understand that reaching multicultural audiences across Australia requires a different approach. Our media amplification platform is multifaceted and includes CulturalPulse owned channels, community organisations and partners, community media, social groups and a trusted network of community leaders and change makers.  

Our network reaches 10.5 million CALD Australians and enables our clients to connect with multicultural audiences where they naturally engage, both socially and digitally. Our tailored media packages guarantee campaign reach and drive behaviour change.

Cultural Ambassadors

To authentically connect with Australia’s diverse communities, CulturalPulse offers access to over 5,000 trusted cultural partners, cultural leaders and change makers.  Through a model of referral and influence, ‘Cultural Ambassadors’ play a vital role in bridging cultural gaps and fostering authentic connection within their communities. Working through Cultural Ambassadors to amplify your digital and social campaigns and influence your audience will deliver credibility and trust. The end result will be that your brands and messages align with the values and aspirations of multicultural audiences.

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