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Cultural Ambassadors and Activation

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Cultural Ambassadors and Activation

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Cultural Ambassadors

CulturalPulse’s unique network of 5,000 Cultural Ambassadors can be activated to gain access to cultural communities through trusted leaders and word of mouth referral. Our Cultural Ambassador program drives engagement and community action across a range of CALD communities. We select and align cultural representatives with campaign objectives to successfully drive brand outcomes, behaviour change and grassroots community engagement at scale.

Our Cultural Ambassador Network of trusted leaders and engaged followers allow our clients access to cultural communities via trusted family and friends and highly effective word of mouth referral networks that operate organically within multicultural communities. Our Cultural Ambassador influencers are activated as part of our media amplification, assisting our clients drive face to face and in-person brand experiences and touch points at key cultural events, festivals and tournaments. For large programs of work we host cultural induction events, bespoke campaIgn communications, and timely reporting on progress through the program.

Cultural Festivals

We understand the opportunity for brands to build genuine connections with CALD audiences and make a lasting and positive impact during cultural festivities and celebrations. We work with our clients to deliver brand engagement and relevance in key moments, such as Lunar New Year, Diwali, Tet, Ramadan and Passover, that create genuine impact in the communities they are engaging with.

To integrate your brand with a key cultural festival, CulturalPulse provides cultural advisory and insights, festival activation and sponsorship, digital and social amplification and creative and content review and production. Accessing our Cultural Ambassador Network goes beyond traditional marketing and provides further amplification during these important cultural celebrations.

Through our Cultural Ambassador Network, we amplify brand messaging during these celebrations, creating genuine connections within communities. These events are valuable touchpoints for brands to deepen connections and effectively communicate with CALD audiences, leaving a lasting positive impact.

Interested in becoming a Cultural Ambassador?

Join our vibrant community as a Cultural Ambassador!

Are you passionate about your cultural heritage and eager to make a difference? We’re seeking individuals who are enthusiastic about bridging cultural gaps and driving positive change within diverse communities. As a Cultural Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to amplify cultural voices, engage in meaningful conversations, and represent your heritage while connecting with like-minded individuals. Whether you’re a storyteller, influencer, or community leader, we welcome you to join us in fostering, understanding and celebrating cultural diversity.

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