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Insights and Strategy

Insights and Strategy

2,500+ high value segments + AskGenie analysis

Creative and Content

200+ languages


Potential to reach 10million+ CALD Australians


In culture & in language landing pages, websites & tools

Cultural Ambassadors and Activation

1,500 cultural experts

Audience strategy and planning

We execute strategic approaches to audience planning to ensure targeted and effective outreach. We understand multicultural communities and use  data-driven cultural insights and a deep understanding of values, beliefs, ancestry and belonging to identify and authentically connect with target segments.

AskGenie measurement and analytics

AskGenie measurement and analytics unearth invaluable insights that drive culturally relevant strategy, planning, optimisation and decision making. With access to over 7,500 audience profiles, AskGenie offers a comprehensive toolkit for navigating today’s multicultural marketplace with precision, sensitivity and effectiveness. AskGenie has proven to identify new acquisition and retention opportunities, unearth product suitability for diverse audiences and deliver cultural population insights beyond census data.

Research studies

We offer customised research tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Drawing on our deep trust with multicultural communities, we gather insights that drive informed decision-making. Whether you require market analysis, quantitative or qualitative studies, or trend forecasting, we deliver research that empowers and informs.

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