Case Study

Multicultural engagement drives fan engagement


Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games


Fostering cultural connection through broad reaching content and media for GC2018

The Challenge

The Commonwealth Games unfolded its 21st edition on the Gold Coast in 2018 (GC2018), showcasing the talents of 4,426 athletes.

CulturalPulse was appointed by the the Commonwealth Games Local Organising Committee to embark on a mission to enhance involvement and attendance at non-traditional Australian sports, with a special focus on engaging diverse multicultural communities. The Committee were looking for inventive ways to amplify fan engagement and drive ticket sales, addressing the challenge of limited awareness among multicultural audiences.

In response, CulturalPulse took the helm in conceiving and executing a comprehensive CALD marketing campaign and Community Ambassador program. This would result in a surge in fan engagement and event attendance, marking a vibrant connection between diverse communities and the Commonwealth Games.

The Approach

We developed a strategy incorporating segmentation, marketing, multicultural media, social media, community engagement events, content creation and marketing, group ticketing, influencer programs, and amplification.

CALD Content and Creative:
  • We created over 500 unique pieces of content to reach a diverse audience, including long-form editorial, social media content, video, and cultural itinerary planners.
CALD Media:
  • We implemented a tailored strategy for segmentation and audience sizing across 70 countries on 6 continents.
  • We engaged with Multicultural Media and distributed in-language content to over 200 multicultural media outlets, including a combination of paid and unpaid coverage.
Cultural Ambassadors and Activation:
  • We established a Community Ambassador Influencer Program, selecting and managing 444 ambassadors based on their community standing and ability to extend the reach of GC2018 through their networks.
  • We executed a comprehensive community multicultural events calendar covering 54 events, where GC2018 was promoted through cultural ambassadors, flyers, banners, live reads, and Q&A sessions.

11+ Million

Multicultural Touchpoints

5 Million

Unique Engagements


Tickets Sold

The Outcome

The program was highly successful with key results including:

  • Over 11 million total multicultural touchpoints illuminated the diverse landscape.
  • 5 million engagements, each unique engagement resonating through communities.
  • 96% of tickets sold across events, which highlighted cultural inclusivity and engagement.

GC2018 and CulturalPulse played a pivotal role in reshaping the narrative through their innovative CALD marketing campaign and Community Ambassador program. We successfully fostered inclusivity and cultural connection in an international multi-sport event.