Case Study

First-ever FIFA WWC Multicultural Fan Engagement




A multifaceted program to optimise multicultural audiences and drive CALD attendance at games

The Challenge

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup (FWWC23) unfolded as the ninth edition of this international event, a once-every-four-years celebration. Australia and New Zealand co-hosted, making it the inaugural Women’s World Cup in the Southern Hemisphere and the first with a dual-host arrangement.

CulturalPulse was engaged for the execution of a specialised Multicultural Fan Engagement Program. The primary focus was crafting tailored content, fostering relevant community engagement, and amplifying community connections, all with the ultimate aim of boosting ticket sales and attendance.

FIFA were facing challenges around limited awareness of the tournament, participating nations, players, host cities, and low literacy on digital ticket purchasing within target communities. CulturalPulse was engaged with a mission to heighten awareness, engagement, and participation from Australia’s diverse communities.

The Approach

This program was strategically designed to optimise multicultural community development, increase awareness, and drive attendance at matches. The program aims were:

  • Big crowds to increase awareness and drive attendance to matches.
  • Celebrate culture to encourage communities to use the event as an opportunity to celebrate their culture on the global stage.
  • Provide an engagement platform for community champions to have the tools to engage their communities.

We focused on 24 competing nations and their associated communities spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, America, and Oceania, considering team locations, host cities, and stadium capacities.

CALD Content and Creative:
  • We created 164 customised creative assets such as community guide, posters, specific match tiles, and vibrant flyers. Every asset was translated and contextualised to resonate deeply within each community.
CALD Media:
  • We disseminated culturally resonant content across diverse community segments, leveraging the expansive CulturalPulse network. This network comprised social media channels, multicultural media publications, community social groups, and influential community leaders and associations. Our concerted efforts led to an impactful outreach with over 21 million impressions within our target communities.
  • The essence of our market and community communication strategy is to amplify the message extensively through both formal and informal channels. This approach fosters a sense of community engagement, encouraging multicultural communities to organically share specific, language-tailored messages with their circles—family, friends, and colleagues. This ripple effect not only enhances awareness but also ensures that the communicated message is received as credible and trustworthy, emanating from respected sources within the community.
Cultural Ambassadors & Activation – Community Champion Program:
  • We initiated a Community Champions program, managing the entire process, from recruitment to onboarding, induction, and final delivery.
  • In total, we assembled a team of 192 champions—individuals chosen by both CulturalPulse and FWWC23 for their leadership roles within multicultural communities, including community organisation leaders, community media representatives, football community leaders, business group leaders, embassy representatives and influential community social media figures.
  • As part of the Program, we managed Community Champions Induction Events, bringing vibrancy to Sydney and Auckland. These gatherings, attended by a diverse cross-section of local communities groups and organisations and cultural media entities.
  • CulturalPulse also managed 9 activation dinners spanning Australia and New Zealand, each uniquely tailored to resonate with one of the 24 target communities, aiming to drive awareness in local communities.

18.2 Million

Total Reach

21.1 Million

Impressions Recorded


Ticketing Page Clicks

The Outcome

The FWWC23 was a highly successful tournament, drawing a record-breaking total crowd of 1,977,824 across all matches in Australia and New Zealand. A remarkable 74% of the attendance, totalling 1,466,948, were away matches (excluding those featuring Australia and New Zealand), with several sell-out crowds.

The impact of the Multicultural Fan Engagement Program was profound.

  • Total Reach: A staggering 18.2 million individuals reached.
  • Total Impressions: 21.1 million impressions were recorded.
  • Ticketing Page Clicks: CulturalPulse campaigns recorded 340,000 clicks on the ticketing page, showcasing the impact of our initiatives.

The collaborative efforts of FWWC23 and CulturalPulse in a Multicultural Fan Engagement Program were instrumental in reshaping the tournament’s narrative. Strategic initiatives, including targeted content dissemination and a robust Community Champion program, brought about a significant impact.

The FWWC23 witnessed a transformation in community engagement and awareness, marked by a celebration of diverse cultures. CulturalPulse’s initiatives reached unprecedented levels, fostering genuine community connections and leaving a lasting imprint on the overall FWWC23 experience.