Case Study

Evidence based cultural insights that pave the way for ANZ’s growth




A research study on migrant community banking to deliver authentic communications

The Challenge

ANZ partnered with CulturalPulse to embark on a comprehensive journey assessment focused on enhancing services for the rapidly growing multicultural market.

Recognising that international remittance is inherently multicultural, ANZ needed to identify the various cultural nuances, preferences, and expectations related to financial services from a migrants perspective.

This involved refining communication strategies, tailoring products and services, and adapting styles to meet the unique needs of this vibrant and diverse customer segment. This initiative helped ANZ strategically position itself as a financial institution that can not only engage with its diverse customers, but also understand migrant communities’ banking journey.

The Approach

Insights and Strategy
  • We embraced inclusivity and authenticity by employing both qualitative and quantitative research methods such as interviews and surveys.
  • We delved into key migrant experiences, creating key personas and mapping customer journeys.
  • This illuminated the decision-making processes related to bank choice and identified the key influencers and factors shaping banking and money management decisions.
  • We targeted a variety of communities such as those from India, China, South East Asia, and South America, ensuring a truly multicultural perspective.

The Outcome

The outcomes of this collaboration were significant and impactful. Through evidence-based insights, we formulated a series of recommendations aimed at fostering the growth of the migrant community while optimising media spend. Our suggestions included:

Customised campaigns:
  • Tailored campaigns linked to the ‘key drivers of bank choice’ for specific communities, ensuring relevance and resonance.
Local area marketing:
  • Recognising that opportunities abound where migrants live, work, shop, and study, we advocated for targeted local marketing efforts over conventional mainstream methods.
Culturally aware website content:
  • Crafting website content and guidelines that reflect cultural awareness, tap into the emotional drivers behind choices, and position ANZ as a specialist in the migrant experience.
Strategic channel use:
  • Leveraging channels most trusted and frequented by migrant communities, ensuring effectiveness in communication and engagement.

CulturalPulse’s collaboration journey with ANZ enriched ANZ’s understanding of its diverse customer base. This paved the way for authentic and inclusive strategies that resonate with the multicultural fabric of Australia’s multicultural society.

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