Case Study

Pioneering CALD marketing or Indian Australians




Driving CALD awareness and subscription through insight-led video content amplified across the CulturalPulse media platform

The Challenge

CulturalPulse was engaged by ClearScore, a leading business enhancing consumer’s financial well-being, to lead a pioneering marketing initiative tailored for the Indian community in Australia. ClearScore was facing stiff competition and needed growth particularly from the Indian community to increase subscriptions and engagement.

Although the Indian community comprised a relatively smaller segment of ClearScore’s customer base compared to the broader population, our primary objective remained straightforward yet ambitious – to amplify awareness and foster increased subscriptions to the complimentary services offered by ClearScore.

The Approach

Insights and Strategy
  • We targeted specifically to the Indian community in Australia, which includes both English and Hindi speakers.
  • We conducted comprehensive research by identifying nuanced insights, in order to craft messages that resonated seamlessly within the cultural context.
CALD Content and Creative:
  • We created assets and translations, producing a compelling video in both English and Hindi. This ensured that our communication was not only accessible but also culturally relevant.
CALD Media:
  • We leveraged Australian-Indian Multicultural Media channels, social media channels, and collaborated with Indian community associations which forged for targeted marketing.
  • The CulturalPulse platform played a key role in amplifying our message.


Surge in CALD signups


New signups per month

The Outcome

CulturalPulse’s efforts showed substantial improvements seen in sign-ups from the Indian-Australian community. The tailored ClearScore messaging, presented in both English and Hindi, resonated powerfully within the target audience. Key campaign results include:

  • In Victoria, there was a remarkable 49% surge in CALD signups, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach.
  • On average, we witnessed an impressive influx of 15,000 new signups per month.

This campaign bridged gaps and celebrated the diversity within the Australian-Indian community, fostering a more financially informed and empowered society.