Case Study

Reaching diverse students in a meaningful way


Torrens University Australia


Multicultural engagement to reach Punjabi, Nepalese and Colombian students

The Challenge

Torrens University, an Australian international private university with campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Blue Mountains, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand, and Suzhou, China, had around 21,000 students as of 2022.

To connect with a diverse group of students, Torrens University collaborated with CulturalPulse to create a campaign aimed at attracting international students and encouraging enrolment. Torrens University was looking for innovative ways to reach its top international students in a meaningful and impactful way.

This involved understanding the unique needs of key target markets, designing and developing the campaign, and promoting it through various channels, including traditional avenues, the CulturalPulse network, and community engagement.

The Approach

CALD Content and Creative:
  • We focused on three specific communities: Indian (Punjab community specifically), Nepalese, and Colombian international students.
  • Our approach included undertaking research and insights, identifying target markets, mapping the user journey, developing content, creating a compelling campaign message, contextualising it appropriately and crafting in-language landing pages.
  • Specifically, we created 6 social media tiles/flyers and 3 website landing pages which were fully contextualised and translated (in English, Punjabi, Nepali and Spanish).
CALD Media:
  • We utilised a mix of marketing channels, including multicultural media, community association partner marketing, and social media. The campaign was amplified through the CulturalPulse platform.
  • Specifically, content was shared through targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram, directly to community groups (Facebook groups, WhatsApp channels), via EDM to existing databases and print media.

10.5 Million


1.1 Million

Individuals Reached


Landing Page Visits




Direct Leads

The Outcome

Our campaign targeting Indian, Nepalese, and Colombian international students had impressive results:

  • Generated 10.5 million impressions.
  • Reached 1.1 million individuals.
  • Received a total of 27,000 visits across three landing pages.
  • Garnered 65,000 clicks through CulturalPulse amplification.
  • Produced 231 direct leads.

In particular, our in-language posts saw heightened engagement and inquiries compared to English posts, showcasing the effectiveness of tailoring our message to resonate with the diverse backgrounds of our audience.

Our collaborative effort with CulturalPulse successfully reached and resonated with these diverse communities, resulting in significant awareness, engagement, and leads for Torrens University.