Case Study

Translating CALD insight into authentic and inclusive communications


Sekisui House


Research and Insights study to understand buyer behaviours in Korean and Chinese and Anglo-Celtic communities

The Challenge

Sekisui House, one of the world’s largest residential property developers, engaged CulturalPulse to assist in its outreach strategies to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

CulturalPulse’s detailed research and insights study, was focused on understanding the distinctions in buyer preferences and behaviours across Indian, Chinese, Korean, and Anglo-Celtic Communities. To achieve this, we engaged in both quantitative and qualitative interviews with nine different buyer profiles within the specified communities. This research initiative was tailored specifically for Sekisui House’s Orchards Project, a master-planned medium-density community located in Sydney.

The Approach

Insights and Strategy:
  • We conducted 40 interviews within the targeted communities of Indian, Chinese, Korean, and Anglo-Celtic, fostering open conversations that reflected their rich experiences.
  • This diverse set of voices shaped the development of six key personas, embodying the nuances and aspirations of the individuals within each group.
  • Through a combination of qualitative research, quantitative interviews, and the creation of insights compilation videos, we cultivated a holistic understanding of the targeted communities.
  • This approach not only provided valuable insights but also paved the way for a marketing strategy that resonated deeply.

The Outcome

CulturalPulse presented Sekisui House with a culturally segmented marketing campaign, a first for their Australian endeavours. Our insights were translated into tangible actions, influencing community-specific, in-language content that formed the backbone of their Korean and Chinese-targeted campaigns.

CulturalPulse’s collaboration with Sekisui House was a testament to the power of authentic and inclusive communication and how it can drive growth for businesses.

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