Case Study

2023 Sydney Fringe Festival Multicultural Engagement Campaign


Sydney Fringe Festival


Strategic amplification across Greek, Filipino, and Colombian communities to increase awareness and attendance to Festival events

The Challenge

Sydney Fringe Festival, the largest independent arts festival in NSW, features 450+ events in 70 venues across Greater Sydney each year. To support these events, the Sydney Fringe Festival partnered with CulturalPulse to promote selected acts to multicultural audiences in Greater Sydney.

Sydney Fringe Festival and CulturalPulse targeted three multicultural communities: Greek, Filipino, Colombian (Latin American). We created and distributed culturally relevant tailored content and leveraged our community media network to reach and engage these audiences. The content was strategically amplified across target markets to increase awareness and drive attendance to the Festival events.

The Approach

The CuturalPulse media solution reached the Greek community for the GODZ and Garry Starr event, the Filipino community for the FEAST event, and the Colombian and Latin American community for the CARIBE Carnaval event.

  • CulturalPulse developed personalised messaging to foster authenticity and connection with the Greek, Filipino, Colombian, and Latin American communities.
  • We translated approved content into Tagalog for the Filipino audience, and Spanish for the Colombian and Latin American audiences to ensure the messaging resonated with the target communities.
  • CulturalPulse distributed culturally relevant content through targeted social and digital media, community ambassadors/influencers, and community organisations specific to the Greek, Filipino, Colombian, and Latin American communities.
  • We collaborated with influential community groups such as Filipinos in Sydney, Salsa Sessions – Sydney, and Colombianos en Sydney to generate community referrals and recommendations. Trusted community influencers further amplified the campaign in target communities.




Reach (minimum unique)



The Outcome

The campaign ran for four weeks, targeting the Greek, Filipino, Colombian, and Latin American communities in Greater Sydney.

  • Over 387,500 impressions in targeted community segments through CulturalPulse network distribution.
  • Over 189,000 reach (minimum unique).
  • Over 4,000 clicks to Sydney Fringe Festival website ticketing and information pages (minimum trackable).

Key Insights

  • The CARIBE Carnaval and FEAST events were particularly successful, generating high engagement and interest from attendees, especially within the Colombian community, with authentic content playing a key role in their success.
  • Organic sharing within the target communities expanded viewership and awareness.
  • CARIBE Carnaval and FEAST events delivered exceptional audience attendance and success from within target community groups.