Case Study

CALD Customer Growth Analysis




Activating Ai tool AskGenie to pinpoint high-value CALD customers and analyse CALD customer growth potential

The Challenge

In their quest for expansion within multicultural markets, Rawson Group, a residential home builder in NSW and ACT, engaged CulturalPulse. Rawson was eager to find better ways to reach and engage with a broader audience for growth. This collaboration aimed to delve into the heart of cultural diversity by meticulously analysing their database. The goal was to forge a deeper understanding of their existing customer profiles and provide valuable insights.

Through the innovative use of CulturalPulse’s AI-driven AskGenie system, Rawson’s inquiry, deposits, and sales databases underwent an anonymous examination. This approach allowed us to view customer information through a multicultural lens—a perspective not explored until now. This exploration paved the way for insightful recommendations regarding lead sources, customer journeys, decision points, and the identification of ‘high value’ CALD customers.







The Approach

Insights and Strategy
  • We targeted all communities with high weighting on Asian and European communities.
  • The AskGenie database wash, lead source analysis, customer journey mapping, insights generation, and a comprehensive strategy, including segmentation, were key components of our collaborative journey.

The Outcome

The outcomes of this analysis expanded with evidence-based insights that serve as the base for a range of recommendations aimed at fostering growth within CALD communities. Key insights include:

Differences along the customer journey

Unveiling disparities between non-CALD and CALD communities along the customer journey. This includes volumes of inquiries, progression rates, and conversion rates (enquiry to sale). For example, CALD customers were found to be less likely to request a quote but exhibited a higher likelihood of following through when they did.

Product and budget preferences

The product and budget preferences within various CALD community regions were highlighted. This includes nuances such as rates of pre-approval and home ownership, shedding light on the unique fabric of each community.

Lead source analysis

An insightful exploration into the varied sources influencing customer engagement. This spans direct traffic, inbound calls, live chats, offline sources, paid searches, referrals, social media, and walk-ins which is a comprehensive understanding to guide future strategies.

Our collaboration with Rawson Group deepened our understanding of multicultural markets and also illuminated pathways to inclusive growth.

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