Woven Threads: The animated docuseries bringing a new take on refugee stories

Woven Threads: The animated docuseries bringing a new take on refugee stories

Woven Threads: Stories From Afar is a passion project, born of the desire to better represent individual refugee stories. Created by Michi Marosszeky and produced by Paul Sullivan, it has just been nominated for AACTA’s Best Short Documentary award.

Creator and Director, Michi Marosszeky, grew up in a refugee family and has set out to rethink the ways refugees are viewed within Australia. One of the stories presented in the docuseries is her mother, Marti’s own migration story as she moved in 1956 during the Hungarian Revolution.

We weren’t actually hearing stories about people anymore and so we really wanted to tell stories where it was the human and not the experience that was central.

“We believe that empathy is the key to understanding and that it is actually the key to accelerating change,” Michi explained.

“I felt that the only way people would hear the stories is if they were drawn into a visual medium of some sort that took them on a journey so they weren’t caught up in any preconceived ideas.

“They were able to leave everything behind and to hear the story that’s being told.”

Woven Threads

The storytellers are also the individuals being represented which creates a strong viewer-narrator relationship.

Woven Threads was recently incorporated into the Australian education curriculum for primary and high school students and has been adopted in Victoria and Western Australia. It is utilised in areas such as English, Media and Arts, Ethical Understanding and Critical and Creative Thinking.

“We would really like Woven Threads to become a platform where we are able to share stories and help to educate.”

Woven Threads has stunning visuals and authentic emotion which engages people of all ages.

The emotive storytelling compels audiences to remember our shared humanity, and to identify with the universality of the refugee experience.

“We can’t relate to our house being bombed. We can’t relate to being put on a deserted island. We can’t relate to walking across Africa but we can relate to the love of football, the worry about clothes, the loss and happiness,” Michi said.

Woven Threads

You can watch the full docuseries HERE or find out more HERE.

Creator and Director – Michi Marosszeky

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Producer from Benchmark Media and Entertainment – Paul Sullivan

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