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Our CEO, Reg Raghavan, recently joined Ashutosh Garg on ‘The Brand Called You’ to share his insights into multicultural marketing and the significant impact of diversity in this field.

From Big Tech to CulturalPulse

  • Reg Raghavan’s journey began in the world of Big Tech, but his passion for cultural inclusivity led him to establish CulturalPulse. In this vodcast, he delves into the delicate balance between cultural sensitivity and commercial messaging, highlighting the importance of understanding diverse cultural values and communication styles.

The opportunity in multicultural Australia

  • Recognising Australia’s rich multicultural landscape, there is tremendous opportunity to bridge cultural nuances with effective marketing strategies. He emphasises that businesses often underestimate the size and purchasing power of culturally diverse audiences. Reg addresses common misconceptions and underscores the need for authentic engagement to truly connect with these communities.

Unlocking the ‘social fabric’

  • Focusing on multicultural marketing is not just about tapping into new markets; it’s about strengthening the social fabric of Australia. Businesses can achieve greater social and economic outcomes, particularly within Asian communities. Reg explains how understanding different worldviews enriches our collective experience and fosters a stronger multicultural identity.

The importance of authentic engagement

  • Metrics for reaching multicultural communities are often lacking. Reg stresses the importance of gaining the right insights through genuine community engagement. This approach helps businesses tailor their strategies to meet the unique needs and preferences of diverse audiences.

Listen to the full podcast here: