The best dishes from the Ramadan night market in Lakemba

Lakemba Night Markets

The best dishes from the Ramadan night market in Lakemba

A feast unlike any other.

Haldon Street Lakemba hosts one of the biggest Ramadan night markets in all of Australia.

Stalls range from Lebanese, Syrian, Indian, Pakistani, Indonesian and Burmese food.

Muslims from every part of the world gather just after sundown to enjoy breaking their fast, often staying as late as 3am eating.

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. It is considered the blessed and holy month of the year which initiates the month of fasting for the Islamic community worldwide.

It is a time which encourages people to reflect on their lifestyle and practice Taqwa (self-control and self-consciousness).

Food is one of the ways Ramadan attempts to unite the world. Through food, people gather and reconnect socially, culturally and spiritually.

Keep reading to see some of our favourite dishes from the 2019 Lakemba markets!

Camel Burgers

The tender camel burgers found in Lakemba are the work of Broadster Chicken and Ramadan Camels, both situated in Haldon Street.

The burgers are well-known in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi and are some of the juiciest burgers you could ever try.

Bilal, a Broadster Chicken employee quoted the burgers as having a special taste unlike any other which makes them different to regular meat like beef and lamb.


Chicken and lamb shawarma in a place unlike any other. Slow cooked and grilled on a spit for a few hours.

Grab either in soft Lebanese bread. Chosen between chicken with garlic paste and pickles or lamb with Tahini sauce, parsley and onion.





A syrup-drenched pastry filled with soft, melted cheese.

The Knafeh is a popular hit all over the Middle East and you can find the Palestinian remake all over Haldon Street.

The Palestinian man working the stall explained the qualities that make a Palestinian Knafeh. Ashta (a sweet cream) and cheese makes the filling, while the colour of the orange topping is exaggerated with food dye.


Bangladeshi Rice

Bangladeshi street food at its finest. Lakemba is home to the greatest and most flavoursome Bangladeshi street rice. Customers can choose from a variety of meats, chicken or fish to eat alongside the tasty rice.

A worker quoted the stall as a place for everyone, not only the Bangladeshi community but anyone who enjoys good food.




Muhalabya is a popular Middle Eastern dessert which comes in the form of a pudding. It is topped with ground pistachio and features grounded cinnamon.

A popular Middle Eastern dessert sold on the streets of Lakemba.




Turkish Coffee

The infamous Turkish coffee is easily the best hot drink at the Lakemba night markets. A strong coffee made with cardamom pods, dark and with just enough bitterness to keep you wanting another taste.

Prices range from $3 at Ahmad and $5 at Afandi coffee who uses heated sand to prepare it.

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