Start small, aim big: Community hero Nitin Naik says any donation makes a difference

Nitin Naik MIGS

Start small, aim big: Community hero Nitin Naik says any donation makes a difference

With so much to give, Indian-Australian community member Nitin Naik hopes to pass on his charitable skills to others in an effort to make an even bigger difference to the lives of people around the world.

Already, Nitin gives assistance to children by helping fund their education, while also continuing to run his late father’s boxing clinic in Pune.

However, he hopes to share with people across Australia that even the smallest efforts can make the biggest impact.

“It’s hard to understand, particularly while living in a country like Australia, just how powerful our currency is in countries where their currency is far more depreciated in comparison,” Nitin explained.

To put things into perspective, at my boxing clinics, one child gets training at $4 a month, so you can still make a huge difference by just cutting your coffee bills.

In December 2019, Nitin and his Pune-based boxing clinic held their eight annual Invitational Boxing Tournament.

The tournament saw 284 boxers aged from 6-18 in around 70 bouts, and was one of the biggest events the Maharashtra Institute of Games and Sport (MIGS) has seen so far.

“The tournament is run in memory of my dad who passed away 8 years ago, and the purpose of the tournament is to inspire young boxers in Maharashtra to showcase their talent,” Nitin said.

“I’m remotely managing this tournament, but I’ve got a group of volunteers who are alumni of the club and were coached by my dad for a number of years, and they’ve been volunteering their time to come after their day jobs to coach these kids in the evening.”

However, Nitin insists that people shouldn’t shy away from fundraising for a cause their passionate about just because they believe they won’t make a difference.

Nitin’s charity work began in 2005 when he began sponsoring a child’s education for just $100.

Since then, Nitin’s passion for charitable work grew and he has been able to support 150 children in their education and around 80-100 kids in their boxing dreams.

“You don’t have to worry about how little your contribution is,” Nitin said.

Even if it’s $10 or $25, whatever you would like to give towards community, just be sure to give it to a cause that is close to your heart.

“You just have to start small … and begin raising money through your social networks, but you have to keep that work going so your social networks develop an appreciation for what you are doing and starts helping you with whatever they can.”

Learn more about the Maharashtra Institute of Games and Sport HERE.

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