Case Study

SendMoneyPacific - Pacific Community Marketing and Communications Program


Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)


A multifaceted program to meaningfully engage with Pacific communities and drive awareness and remittance literacy levels

The Challenge

Pacific communities pay some of the highest money transfer rates in the world – an issue that DFAT and MFAT are addressing through their Empowering Migrants through Pacific Remittances (EMPR) Program 2021-2025.

In an effort to address this, DFAT and MFAT engaged CulturalPulse to design a program that enabled people in Australia and New Zealand sending money to Pacific Island countries to:

  • Meaningfully engage with the market of remittance service providers
  • Select providers that best suit their needs, and
  • Maximise the value of remittances sent to Pacific households

CulturalPulse are leading the strategy, design, creation of creative and content, amplification into communities and monitoring and measurement of results.

CulturalPulse have designed a program that incorporates in-culture and in-language content and creative, community amplification and educational modules (through videos). The main focus of EMPR is SendMoneyPacific (SMP), the official money transfer comparison service for the Pacific Islands.

The Approach

Insights and Strategy:

The Marketing and Communication strategy was developed to use data-driven insights for tailored messaging and content to effectively change behaviour through targeted engagement. It incorporates research findings on target audience behaviours, optimal messaging formats, and communication channels, as well as a deep understanding of CALD communities.

Baseline research
  • Quantitative Baseline Survey and qualitative community consultation to measure program performance and gather information on communication channels, digital and financial literacy levels, and key barriers.
  • Research Findings showed low levels of digital literacy in some groups but a high level of mobile phone ownership. Insights into effective communication channels and remittance behaviours were also gained.
  • This data-led approach to strategy development allows the program to genuinely connect with target audiences by tailoring messages and content to their specific cultural backgrounds and preferences.
Behaviour change mechanisms
  • The 4-year program’s ultimate aim is to equip those remitting to compare and change providers, creating pressure for a more equitable remittance service market.
  • The initial focus of the program has been on improving digital literacy and understanding remittance, how to use the SMP website and how to download and use the SMP app. The next phase will provide information on understanding total cost and signing up to new money transfer operators.
CALD Content and Creative:
  • CulturalPulse have developed social creative assets in English and various languages to highlight the importance of comparing remittance providers to promote fairer remittance practices. All assets include a clear call to action and links to our apps and website. We’ve produced a total of 130 assets for SMP’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • CulturalPulse has designed, created, and produced four educational videos on remittance literacy in various cultures and languages. These videos cover topics such as ‘How to use SMP’, ‘How to download and use the SMP app’, ‘How to understand total cost’, and ‘Pacific Worker Toolkit’ (combined video with added information on signing up to new money transfer operators). They address key barriers and provide information on comparing and switching providers.
  • We have created two community videos featuring local leaders and their stories, titled ‘Remittance Heroes’. These videos aim to engage the community through authentic stories.
  • As part of our engagement with Pacific workers through the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) Scheme and Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Scheme, we’ve created assets that highlight Pacific workers who engage with or are learning from SMP. 10 creative assets have been produced and shared across SMP’s social media channels and banners have been developed for events.
CALD Media:
  • The media strategy is a 4-year, data-driven approach aimed at achieving program goals by delivering tailored messaging and content optimised to engage specific cultural audiences. It addresses limitations in digital and financial literacy, ensuring that the messaging is hyper-targeted for maximum impact.
  • It involves amplifying and disseminating assets through various media channels, including CulturalPulse channels, to reach as many people remitting money back to the Pacific Islands as possible. 
  • CulturalPulse leads the amplification of SMP content through Pacific TV, radio, and social media channels. CulturalPulse has also formed a content partnership with Pasifika TV and Radio to promote content to the Tongan, Samoan, and Niuean communities in Australia. This partnership provides access to members of these specific target segment communities and benefits from the partner’s endorsement of SMP, which captures attention and builds trust. Pasifika TV and Radio promote SMP content through radio and TV broadcasts and their own Facebook page.

We undertook the recent SMP website redesign and SMP mobile app development to included in-language options and a more refined, Pacific-focused call to action.

  • CulturalPulse uncovered that the SendMoneyPacific website was confusing, unclear, and unappealing, particularly for individuals with lower digital literacy. The site also suffered from low brand recognition and visitation.
  • Based on these findings and in consultation with the community, CulturalPulse spearheaded the redesign of the website and the development of a mobile app. In-language options were created for both the website and the app, with CulturalPulse managing the translation, we also introduced more focused call to action aimed at the Pacific audience.
  • The SMP mobile app was developed in-house and was publicly released on 9 September 2022.

17 Million

Total Reach



2 Million

Video Views

130 Assets


30 Videos



App Downloads

The Outcome

The ongoing program has achieved significant success:

  • Total of 17 million reach into Pacific communities.
  • Total of 230,000 pageviews from SMP website and SMP app screen views.
  • Total of 2 million video views which includes YouTube, Facebook and community amplification from Pasifika TV and Radio.
  • Total of 130 assets/social media posts which includes SMP Facebook and Instagram.
  • Total of 30 videos produced which includes ‘Remittance Hero’ and educational videos (English and 8 Pacific Island languages).
  • Total of 50 SMP app push notifications sent to active devices. 
  • Total of 6,000 SMP app downloads.
  • Total of 112,000 SMP Facebook followers. 
EMPR is supported by the Australian and New Zealand governments and implemented by CulturalPulse.