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B&T - Val Morgan And CulturalPulse Partner To Deliver Mass Multicultural Audiences

Val Morgan Cinema Network has announced a partnership with CulturalPulse, a specialist multicultural marketing and insights agency to present ‘Access Asia’- a new mass market cinema opportunity that specifically targets Chinese and Indians living locally in Australia.

‘Access Asia’ is initially available in two programmes, Access Bollywood and Access China – reaching Australia’s fastest growing Chinese and Indian communities.

With localised targeting and access to over 130 language specific releases, Val Morgan Cinema is forecasting over one million Asian Australian admits across 12 months.

Cally Scivetti, Val Morgan’s marketing and strategy director commented, ‘Multicultural cinema is rapidly growing in Australia. In the last 12 months, the Chinese movie box office market in Australia has doubled and ticket sales to Bollywood movies have increased by over 60 per cent.

“This is evident in the strong recent Australian performance of Bollywood blockbuster “Sultan” and Chinese movie “Mermaid” – the highest grossing movie of all time in China.’

According to Reg Raghavan, executive director of CulturalPulse, “The story of the 2016 ABS Census will be the high growth of Indian/South Asian and Chinese Australian communities.

“Bollywood and Chinese films offer a direct cultural linkage to India and China. Access Asia gives marketers a channel to reach all demographics within these communities, targeted geographically in key community areas.”

Cally Scivetti added, “Access Asia is our first offering by culture and language. Chinese and Indian Australian communities are high value market segments with movies being a top and established passion point.”

The opportunity was officially launched in Sydney and Melbourne earlier this month and Val Morgan have confirmed that there has been huge demand from market with advertisers looking to tap into this growing and lucrative market.