Owen Wright’s inspirational comeback

Owen Wright

Owen Wright’s inspirational comeback

Oh what a Feeling! Aussie Owen Wright wins bronze in surfing, coming back from a terrifying concussion 5 years ago. He had to teach himself to talk, walk & surf all over again after being crushed by a wave at the 2015 Pipeline Masters in Hawaii & suffering from traumatic brain injury.

The inclusion of surfing for the first time in the Olympics provided the fuel for Owen to push himself through the darkness of rehabilitation. He told Seven of the announcement: “It really did change my life. That’s why I’m really proud to be an Olympian.

Wright dedicated his victory to his fellow sufferers of TBI (traumatic brain injury): “All the TBI survivors out there, all the people that have had bad brain injuries – I just want to let you know it’s all possible. Don’t give up. I do it for the TBI guys, too.”

After his performance Wright was mobbed by his teammates who launched into their jellyfish dance – their trademark choreographed celebration, inspired by the Australian ‘Irukandji’ or venomous jellyfish that their team is named after.

Good luck on your journey!

Image source: AP

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