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CulturalPulse CEO Reg Raghavan has been featured in a recent Mi3 article, highlighting the growth potential of moving beyond DE&I targets and recognising the untapped commercial opportunity of multicultural media and marketing solutions. 

The article emphasises how engaging diverse audiences can significantly boost engagement, growth and ROI, a principle that lies at the heart of CulturalPulse’s mission.

The business case for diversity

Reg outlines the clear business benefits of embracing ethnic diversity. He points out that marketers looking to reach minority groups can gain better insights through a diversity of cultural experiences. The article notes that the commercial value of diversity is particularly evident when targeting Asian audiences in Australia, with the Chinese community alone accounting for 5.5% of the national population according to the 2021 census.

Australia’s unique position

“Australia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. We’ve got a lot of migrants from Asia, compared to the US or UK, and so our consumer base is increasingly Asian. And not only that, but Australia’s future also is towards Asia as well” Reg suggests.

He explains that this demographic shift not only reflects the current consumer base but also points towards Australia’s future direction. Understanding and catering to the diverse values and experiences of these communities is crucial for effective marketing.

Beyond assumptions

Reg emphasises the need to move beyond the assumption that everyone shares Anglo-Celtic values and behaviours. By embracing diversity of thought, we can produce insights that resonate across all communities. This approach ensures that marketing strategies are culturally relevant and impactful, reaching consumers on a deeper level.

Looking forward

As Australia continues to strengthen its connections with Asia, the future of marketing lies in embracing and understanding this diversity. At CulturalPulse, we are committed to helping brands connect authentically with Australia’s diverse audiences, unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Read the full article on Mi3 to learn more about how CulturalPulse is driving the commercial value of multiculturalism.