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Reg Raghavan, CEO of CulturalPulse in conversation with David Morgan, Global Marketing Advisor and Principal, Mac Morgan.

  • Australia’s diversity compels us to explore micro-communities
  • How do we tap into micro-communities to capitalise on growth opportunities
  • Is it too much for todays brand marketers to make decisions with micro-communities in mind?

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Global Marketing Advisor, David Morgan said:

“The traditional way was to prioritise the brand and to think secondarily about how do you bring on, for growth, smaller community groups. With the diversity that we area facing right now, the challenges we have right now, we need to re-prioritise and re-balance and I believe the the strategy is, the primary strategy,  is how do we bring on micro-communities?” 

Micro-communities are a large group of people who share a niche trait or common interests and/ or geographic location.

Traditionally most brand marketers have targeted a broad audience and the messaging has not been able to achieve the desired cut-through.

Today’s brand marketers need to understand and re-shape their thinking around micro-communities across a changing digital-landscape in order to gain competitive advantages over rivals.

Reg Raghavan CEO, CulturalPulse a multicultural specialist headquartered in Sydney, Australia.


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David Morgan is a Global Marketing Executive with over 30 years experience leading international Marketing & Brand Development, with senior roles for five of the world’s largest companies; Samsung, Citibank, Procter & Gamble, Standard Chartered Bank, and Nestle.