Malaysia Festival 2019 set to bring joy to Sydney this September

Malaysia Fest

Malaysia Festival 2019 set to bring joy to Sydney this September

Malaysia is a melting pot of culture and to celebrate, Malaysia Festival 2019 will be back from September 21-22 in the hub of Darling Harbour.

Malaysia Fest is a family friendly event and is all about a fusion of flavours, ingredients, experiences and traditions.

The Festival is the largest annual celebration of Malaysian cultures in Sydney and drew huge crowds of over 38,000 people last year. The two-day event aims to share the wonders and joys of Malaysian culture through cultural performances, food stalls and contests.

One of the student organisers, Ellen Loh, shared her personal connection to the Festival.

As a Malaysian-Chinese expat, Ellen joined the Malaysia Fest team to reconnect with her identity.

“For the expats like me, who are students studying in Sydney and are from Malaysia, it’s a chance to feel like they’re at home again and feel proud of where they’re from,” she said.

It’s important for Australia, being such a multicultural country, to be able to learn and experience these different cultures. A festival like this really helps to educate people, it ties Australia together.

Ellen is most looking forward to meeting special guest, Larissa Ping who was Miss World Malaysia 2018.

“She plays a traditional instrument called the Sapeh and she’s from Sarawak which is a lesser known area on the island of Borneo,” Ellen explained.

There are cultural performances, traditional dances, traditional songs and poetry. It’s just a way to experience some cultural immersion in Sydney.



Another highlight of Malaysia Fetsival is the Teh Tarik competition.

Teh Tarik is a hot milk tea beverage which is made from a strong brew of black tea and condensed milk.

Festival visitors will create the tea through a process known as ‘pulling’, pouring the tea between two pitchers. Ellen warns that, although it’s open to everyone who comes, you need a bit of skill and coordination to do it well!


Event Details
WHEN: Saturday 21 September – Sunday 22 September 2019
WHERE: Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour

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