Maintaining my Goan culture in Australia through delicious Goan food

Maintaining my Goan culture in Australia through delicious Goan food

Being of Goan descent, the food my parents make speaks a lot about our Goan culture and lifestyle, despite living in suburban Sydney. As with much of the Indian cuisine, spices are the cornerstone of Goan food and are integrated to create an authentic Portuguese and Goan taste.

Goa is both the smallest state in India and a former Portuguese province. Formerly known as Portuguese India, until the title was annexed by India in 1961, the Goan culture is a union of both Eastern and Western styles. 

My parent’s love for Goan cuisine stems from their upbringing in India.

“Cooking Goan food is in our culture,” my mother says. 

“We were brought up by our generation through the love of cooking Indian food and these recipes were passed down from generation to generation.”

Cooking Goan food is about preserving the culture that makes us feel connected to our family and friends.

In celebration of everything that makes up my beautiful culture, here’s a list of my three favourite Goan foods that I grew up with.

Goan Fish Curry

My mother’s Goan Fish Curry is richly fragrant and authentic that she uses fresh coconuts instead of packaged coconut cream. The coconut brings out the mild sweetness of the fish. The fish curry is a mixture of sweet and spicy that gives it a warm and tangy mouth-watering fragrance.

Favourite Goan Foods


Sorpotel is one of the most cherished pork dishes from Goa. Vinegar is the main ingredient used when preparing the Sorpotel. Made with chilies, meat, and liver cubes, this dish is served on many celebratory occasions across the beach state.

Favourite Goan Foods

Pork Vindaloo

The famous Pork Vindaloo has an intense flavour and is served during special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, and New Year. Derived from the Portuguese dish “Carne de Vinha d’Alhos”, it is a mix of pork, wine, and garlic. The dish is modified where instead of using vinegar, red wine and Kashmiri chilies with spices are used.

Favourite Goan Foods

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