Inspiring Indian female entrepreneurs through the power of start-up innovation

Inspiring Indian female entrepreneurs through the power of start-up innovation

The Virangana Project is a new not-for-profit initiative founded by Indian human rights lawyer and women’s advocate, Mrs Shalini Chauhan.

The organisation is named after a historical female warrior, and the title is fitting, as it works to provide opportunities for India’s most innovative female entrepreneurs to raise investment capital directly from international investors.

After having a first-hand experience with the difficulties many Indian entrepreneurs face thanks to historical cultural issues in India’s mainly male-dominated start-up scene, Mrs Chauhan decided to found the organisation to inspire Indian women to become economic powerhouses this century.

The Virangana Project aims to do this by pairing 12 of these women with high-profile mentors and fly them to Australia in October for Sydney’s first-ever ‘Bollywood-themed’ pitch event.

Communications Director for the Project Mr Tony McAuslan said the calibre of applicants for this year’s pitch event is high and more Australian businesses should be looking into investing into India because of the country’s resources and reach.

“A $100K investment in an Indian Start-Up goes a lot further than the same amount in an Australian one,” he said.

“It gives you access to an incredible pool of well-educated talent, and if your start-up kicks a goal in India, you have a consumer base greater than 1.2 billion and a well-off middle class ten times the size of the entire Australian population.”

Mrs Chauhan, The Virangana Project‘s founder and CEO, said the organisation sees the start-up economy as one of the best ways to a better culture of female independence in India.

“This collaboration with Australian business will equip these innovative women entrepreneurs with new skills and direction, and give them the exposure they need,” she said. 

“They play a central role in helping drive the Indian economy forward and The Virangana Project is now harnessing the power of technology to drive social change for women in India.

“In recent times, some of India’s most successful businesses have been founded by women, and now through this project, Australian investors are being given a clear path to participating in India’s massive consumer market,” she said.

The organisation will be hosting their first official media launch on June 13, 2018.

Anisha Mistry

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