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Welcome to Humans of CulturalPulse! In this series, we share the unique stories of our dedicated team who come from diverse cultural, linguistic and professional backgrounds.

We introduce our Communications and Project Coordinator Shana Ryan.

Shana is a third culture kid where she was born and raised in Japan with American parents. She is bilingual in Japanese and English and went to Japanese schools for 12 years in rural north Japan. Embarking on a new journey, she moved to Melbourne at the age of 18 to start university and explore her identity outside of Japan.

Shana completed her studies, earning a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics in 2022. Her passion for exploring the intricate connections among language, culture, and communication within varied societal settings has flourished even further, complementing her rich multicultural upbringing. This academic journey prompted her to reflect more deeply about her own bicultural experiences – navigating whether she leaned towards a Japanese-like-American or American-like-Japanese.

Shana is a Communications and Project Coordinator, specialising in PR, creative, content and copy for campaigns and social media. She also supports government proposals and CulturalPulse pitches to ensure the approach, solution and experience align with the client’s needs. Shana plays a key role across a range of CulturalPulse projects to ensure optimal outcomes such as report monitoring, analysis and writing.

Shana joined CulturalPulse driven by her belief that the efforts aimed at meaningfully connecting with CALD communities hold significance within Australian marketing today. Her aspiration is to contribute to a powerful movement that is dedicated to the expertise of multicultural communication and engagement.

Drawing from her own life as a CALD community member, Shana empathises and connects with others authentically by putting herself in other people’s shoes – embracing the concept of deep intercultural sensitivity, as articulated by a famous sociologist, Milton Bennett.

Thank you Shana for sharing your unique cultural background and your genuine interest in engaging CALD communities!