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Welcome to Humans of CulturalPulse! In this series, we share the unique stories of our dedicated team who come from diverse cultural, linguistic and professional backgrounds.

We introduce our Technical Lead Michael Zlatarich

Michael was born and raised near Washington D.C., and his roots extend to a Slavic cultural background through his parents. His journey has taken him across the globe, from personal travels to professional endeavours as an analyst for the U.S. Department of State. Through his many talents, Michael isn’t just a tech guru, he’s also a guitarist who toured Japan with a band!

His academic pursuits in sociology and psychology led him to the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program(me) (JET) Program in Japan. Later to a Master’s in International Relations in Liverpool, U.K., fueling his ambition to engage with the international community.

Michael’s career spans across international development with nonprofits, governments, and the private sector. He was proud to work and be a part of Society for International Development, United States (SID-US).

Transitioning into analytics and data analysis for public affairs and outreach, he spent over six years with U.S. Department of State, Global Public Affairs’ Office of Analytics. His time as Director of Analytics at the United States Agency for Global Media, further contributed to his expertise in data management and automation.

Joining CulturalPulse as Technical Lead last year, Michael brings his expertise in digital analytics, data management, and automation to oversee our technology and manage marketing data aggregation for CALD communities. His passion lies in leveraging data to gain insights into different cultures and languages, ultimately helping us better understand and engage with our audiences through audience segmentation.

“CulturalPulse allows me to work with rich data representing focused communities. These audiences aren’t numbers on a spreadsheet, but one’s we engage with regularly in-person making the work here incredibly rewarding.”

Thank you Michael for bringing your invaluable technical expertise and knowledge into CulturalPulse tech and projects!