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Welcome to Humans of CulturalPulse! In this series, we share the unique stories of our dedicated team who come from diverse cultural, linguistic and professional backgrounds.

We introduce our Chief Growth Officer Karissa Fletcher.

Karissa has a diverse cultural heritage with a Hungarian father who migrated to Australia combined with seven generations of Australians on her mother’s side. Although she grew up in Sydney, Karissa’s professional journey has taken her around the world and she has lived in London, New York and Melbourne.

Karissa’s most influential role model has been her great aunt, Agnes Keleti who at 102, stands as the oldest living Olympic champion and Holocaust survivor. She won 10 Olympic medals in artistic gymnastics across two Olympic games, and is famous for her persistence, hard work, and joyful sense of humour.

As a member of the Leadership Team, Karissa leads strategy, business development and client and marketing initiatives. Her leadership experience has been gained from heading up marketing, strategy and insights in media, finance, education, and insurance verticals. Karissa’s dynamic and positive approach to leading change has been well received by our team and our clients alike.

Karissa’s decision to join CulturalPulse was driven by her interest in driving new business growth and ability to drive a positive impact through marketing and media and help clients connect with multicultural Australia.

“CulturalPulse gave me an opportunity to think about the diverse cultural context that drives consumer behaviours, attitudes and buying decisions.  The business has opened my eyes to new ways to use digital media and creative to drive engagement and behavioural change, and I am thoroughly enjoying assisting brands to approach these target audiences through a different lens.”

Thank you Karissa for your excellent leadership expertise and commitment to multicultural marketing!