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Welcome to Humans of CulturalPulse! In this series, we share the unique stories of our dedicated team who come from diverse cultural, linguistic and professional backgrounds.

We introduce our Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Lead Joe Freach.

Joe is an American-Australian with an interesting and rich international career. He grew up in Kansas, USA, and has now settled in Tasmania. Joe has German and Czech heritage with a great-great-grandfather who immigrated through Ellis Island.

Joe speaks Tetum, thanks to his early career as an aid worker in East Timor and his time in the Peace Corps. He also holds a bachelor degree in biology and has worked in training programs for Timorese students, teaching them agriculture.

Joe has worked with the United Nations and various governmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). One of his key roles was as a Project Manager, where he helped disseminate official information outside of Timor-Leste via radio broadcasts before the internet era.

During this journey, Joe met his wife and is now a proud father of two. He is passionate about woodworking and he builds furniture using antique hand tools, contributing to sustainability.

Joe serves as Program Manager on key clients including Empowering Migrants through Pacific Remittances (EMPR) and Aged Care. In these roles, he oversees program delivery, client relationships, communications, and project progress to ensure targets are met.

Joe joined CulturalPulse because he appreciates the balance between the development sector, industry, and agency environments. He values the diversity within the team and the wide range of projects and sectors they cover.

“CulturalPulse serves as a great bridge between my non-profit work and industry, allowing me to work on a diverse array of meaningful projects around multicultural communications and engagement.”

A funny moment for Joe at CulturalPulse was when he found himself delivering a client presentation wearing a colleague’s shirt after his luggage was lost on a flight!

Thank you Joe for your great work and MEL expertise!