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Welcome to Humans of CulturalPulse! In this series, we share the unique stories of our dedicated team who come from diverse cultural, linguistic and professional backgrounds.

We will introduce our General Manager – Client Operations Jake Swarts.

Jake is a multi-generational Australian, with a rich European heritage consisting of British, French, Jewish, and Spanish roots. Jake’s professional career has been nothing short of intriguing, especially in the world of sports. He started off as a young long distance runner, participating in the Olympic torch relay in the Sydney 2000 games at 14 years of age. From there, he moved on to semi-professional football (soccer) and AFL. For over 15 years, Jake has worked in the field of sports marketing, businesses, and event management.

Beyond his professional life, Jake is also a proud husband and father of two, and has a special interest in music production as a DJ at various events and celebrations.

Jake’s role as a General Manager – Client Operations focuses on forming strong partnerships with CulturalPulse’s clients to help them achieve their goals. This multifaceted role includes tasks such as crafting proposals, communicating project requirements effectively to the team, onboarding new partners, content development, amplification strategies, and overseeing client communications.

Jake plays an important role in the team, serving as the liaison between CulturalPulse and its clients while also providing valuable insights to navigate project milestones effectively.

Jake has been with CulturalPulse for 5 years and joined the team in early 2018. He was initially brought in to contribute on CulturalPulse’s sport-related projects, and his role evolved into a unique and enriching experience unlike any other.

“Working at CulturalPulse has been an enjoyable journey, driven by my fascination with diverse cultures and the tailored approach to marketing. I discovered a perfect alignment between my expertise and interests and the values at CulturalPulse. I love spending each day learning new things and overcoming new challenges.”

Thank you Jake for being ‘the glue’ that holds CulturalPulse together to ensure efficiency!