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There is no doubt sport has the power to bring together individuals from all cultural backgrounds and form a rich tapestry of diverse audiences. 

At the 2023 Money In Sport Conference, CulturalPulse CEO Reg Raghavan went through the potential of this diversity, particularly in women’s sports.

Our approach extends beyond tapping into audiences’ love for football – it involves a profound understanding of cultural identities within communities to foster genuine engagement. 

Reg Raghavan mentions that the key aspect of our strategy for the FIFA WWC23 centred on targeting the 24 teams competing in Australia and New Zealand. We recognised the opportunity to leverage the diaspora and dual identities within communities to foster deep connections with their respective teams. 

Through this approach, individuals were empowered to not only support their teams passionately but also to explore the stories of players and the tournament itself, fostering a sense of pride in their countries.

A prime example of this strategy in action was our first-ever FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Community Fan Engagement Program. By harnessing the influence of community ambassadors and influencers, we amplified awareness of the tournament and drove attendance significantly.

Learn more about our experience with FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 here.