Fourth generation diners enjoy over 60 years of authentic Italian food at Beppi’s

Fourth generation diners enjoy over 60 years of authentic Italian food at Beppi’s

Sydney institution Beppi’s Italian Restaurant has been bringing some of the finest and most authentic food to their patrons for 63 years.

The family-owned establishment is currently owned and run by Marc Polese, the son of the late-Beppi, and he said he is proud of his father’s contribution to the culture and society of the Harbour City.

In 1956, Beppi and his wife Norma took a risk and opened an Italian restaurant in Darlinghurst where the restaurant has thrived over the years and is now considered the patriarch of Italian food in Sydney.

Beppi was born in Pordenone, a small medieval village in the north east of Friuli.

The village is known for its Polenta cheese and a variety of seafood including mussels, which Beppi masterfully incorporated into his famous dishes.

“My father would row out at low tide and collect mussels, bring them back to the restaurant and cook them,” he explained.

At that point in time, no one ate mussels, and slowly but surely he convinced people that food like that was really good to eat.

Image sourced from Beppi’s Restaurant Instagram page

Despite growing up in Beppi’s and having a similar passion for Italian food as his parents, Marc was advised by his father to not become a restauranteur. However, Marc did the opposite, opening his own Italian restaurant in Potts Point, all the while working as a veterinarian.

“I’ve been around here all my life,” he recalled.

“I have a photo of me sitting in my mum’s lap in the restaurant from 1963 when I was two years old.”

Marc recalls his father soldering the lamps and building the wine cellar in the shed at the back of their Sydney house.

“He carved the leather menu covers himself,” Marc explained.

“He bought the leather and wet it down and folded it over, stained it with shoe polish and carved with those little knives.”

It’s not like a new restaurant that’s been designed and built like a professional; it has real character.

By providing simple ingredients to create flavoursome and hearty dishes, Beppi’s is a hit among Australians of all backgrounds.

The home-style restaurant is often praised for its unbeatable hospitality and home food experience.

“Really a unique experience in these days of busy, noisy, rushed restaurants,” one reviewer said.

When asked about his favourite dishes from Beppi’s, Marc Polese narrowed it down to five.

These are:

  • Saltimbocca – scaloppine folded with Prosciutto, cheese, & white wine sauce
  • Gnocchi – ricotta & spinach dumplings with tomato & basil sauce
  • Scampi – a West Australian Scampi
  • Gnocchi with Gorgonzola sauce
  • Zuppa with mussels


For their full menu and descriptions, click HERE

Beppi’s Restaurant: 21 Yurong St, Sydney NSW 2010

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 12-3pm, 6-11pm, Saturday: 6-11pm and Sunday: Closed

Phone: (02) 9360 4558

For more information, check out their website HERE

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