First Rio-inspired Carnaval comes to Sydney

First Rio-inspired Carnaval comes to Sydney

Sydney-based community Samba organisations, Unidos de Sydney and Bateria 61 have teamed up to bring the first Rio de Janeiro-inspired Carnaval Parade to Parramatta’s multicultural festival, Parramasala.

UDS, Bateria 61 and Parramasala are working to replicate an actual Brazilian Samba parade with all the different components represented in the parade.

Typically, a Rio de Janeiro Carnaval is made up of the following parts:

  1. Commissão de Frente (Opening team)
  2. Princesas e Musas (Princesses and muses)
  3. Costumed Alas (Costumed wing)
  4. Mestre Sala e Porta Bandeira (Flag bearers)
  5. Ala Mirim (Children’s wing)
  6. Rainha da Bateria (Queen of the drums)
  7. Bateria (Drummers)
  8. Cantores e Músicos (Singers and musicians)
  9. Passistas (Official dancers from Samba School)
  10. Party Ala (Casual team)

The Carnaval Parade will take place on Friday March 15, 2019 at 7pm at Prince Alfred Square, Parramatta.

Event Details:
Parramasala Carnaval Parade
WHEN: Friday March 15, 2019 7pm
WHERE: Prince Alfred Square, Parramatta
More information HERE

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