Filipino-Australian musician Jonah Manzano launches his music career during isolation

Jonah Manzano

Filipino-Australian musician Jonah Manzano launches his music career during isolation

Taking inspiration from his own life experiences, Filipino-Australian musician Jonah Manzano has taken this year to launch his music career. Jonah has been playing music since a young age, but his full-time job meant that he didn’t have the time to truly devote himself to this passion.

It wasn’t until the COVID-19 isolation resulted in Jonah’s redundancy from his job in tourism, that he decided to make the most of his newfound free time to record and release music. Since Jonah’s last day at work on the 23rd of March, he has already released four pop singles. He has also produced a video project with musicians around the world, singing ‘Heal the World’ in response to the pandemic.

He’s also got another new song on the way, titled ‘I Stall‘, which he co-wrote with his wife, Yzel. The song explores themes of journey, forgiveness and acceptance, and was released on July 11.

Jonah’s optimism and productivity during this difficult time is a true testament to the power of making the most of every opportunity.

Jonah Manzano

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Achieving musical recognition is an important goal for Jonah, as he strives to be a strong representative of the Filipino community in Sydney. He performed at the Filipino Fiesta Kultura in 2014, alongside Bernie Van Tiel – an up-and-coming Filipino singer and beatboxer.

“I’m just writing songs, as many as I can! If I can write 99 songs, and one becomes a hit on Billboard that would be great.”

Jonah hopes that listeners can identify with the stories he tells through his lyrics.

To connect with his listeners, Jonah plans to start making short videos on his Facebook page, where he will talk through each song.

“When I write songs, I feel like I need to share it. I have to let people know the meaning of the song.”


Jonah Manzano

Jonah Manzano performing at Fiesta Kultura, 2014


Jonah is inspired by his Filipino culture as well as his faith, which is reflected in his song ‘In Christ Alone’.

Additionally, he takes a lot of musical inspiration from boy bands such as The Moffatts, Westlife and A1.

“Those boy bands are the ones who actually gave me inspiration. Without them I probably wouldn’t even learn how to play guitar and piano,” Jonah said.

Being an independent artist, Jonah has been writing, releasing and promoting his music completely on his own, from his in-home studio.

“I had no idea where to start. I had to research, I had to promote my music. If you’re an independent artist, you have to do everything,” Jonah explained.

To stay updated with Jonah Manzano’s music, visit his website HERE, and follow him on Instagram HERE.

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