Experience hummus how it is meant to be eaten at Simply Hummus Bar

Experience hummus how it is meant to be eaten at Simply Hummus Bar

In the heart of Darlinghurst, in a cosy and welcoming bar, Yoash Dvir and his team are providing amazing hummus to the community.

When asked why Yoash decided to open ‘Simply Hummus Bar’, he plainly replied, “there wasn’t one.”

Born and raised in Israel, where for every 50,000 people there is a hummus bar, Yoash immediately found a need to introduce the concept to Sydney.

Part of Yoash’s mission has been to demonstrate that hummus is not just a dip or a staple to put on your bread, but a full dish.

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Made hourly and from scratch, the hummus at ‘Simply Hummus Bar’ is fresh, creamy, and delicious. Yoash says that the main element of their recipe, however, is love.

“There is a commercial in Israel that says, ‘you should make hummus with love or not make it all’,” Yoash says.

“And that’s exactly what it is, you need to put your heart into it.” he adds.

Since their beginnings in 2018, ‘Simply Hummus Bar’ has changed everything apart from their falafel recipes and toppings.

“We changed the chickpeas we were using for the hummus, we changed the tahini, we made the hummus creamier…” Yoash says, “some of these changes were due to Covid but they also had a lot to do with us evolving as a restaurant.”

“We tried to adjust and educate the market on the one hand, but also listen to what people actually wanted.”

Despite these changes, the objective of ‘Simply Hummus Bar’ remains constant.

“The vision is still the same,” Yoash maintains, “to serve good, vegan HAPPY Israeli food in Australia… and we are doing that.”

The reaction to ‘Simply Hummus Bar’ in the community has been overwhelmingly positive. With those from the area’s Middle Eastern community commenting on the likeness of the food to the original.

Yoash says that the most important thing that people should take away from their experience at ‘Simply Hummus Bar’ is satisfaction.

“Food has a lot of emotion and I want people to come and be happy and enjoy!” he says.

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