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Did you know Pacific Islanders pay some of the highest money transfer rates in the world?

It’s a significant issue affecting many families in the region. That’s why we’re dedicated to addressing this challenge through our Empowering Migrants through Pacific Remittances (EMPR) and SendMoneyPacific (SMP) projects.

The initial article in a series featured on the Australian National University’s DevPolicy blog reveals that while remittance rates are notably high in the Pacific, there are options available at lower costs. Researchers emphasise that in places like remittance-dependent Tonga, as well as in other Pacific island nations and Timor-Leste, individuals often opt for services that result in higher realised remittance costs.

To address this challenge, the Australian and New Zealand governments are supporting SendMoneyPacific (SMP), the official money transfer comparison service for the Pacific Islands. Through SMP’s website and user-friendly mobile app, CulturalPulse is enhancing the ‘remittance literacy’ of Pacific Islanders. This effort includes educational videos in eight Pacific languages and inspiring ‘remittance hero’ campaigns, such as the one featuring Harrieth Marae.

DevPolicy’s three-part series leverages SMP’s remittance rate data to offer insights into remittance issues in the Pacific region.

Read the first in the series of three articles by Hiroshi Maeda, Ryan Edwards, and Daniel Suryadarma.

SMP is the flagship platform of the CulturalPulse implemented Empowering Migrants through Pacific Remittances (EMPR) program, funded by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.