Ellie Robinson: The Paralympics keeps delivering inspiration!

Ellie Robinson

Ellie Robinson: The Paralympics keeps delivering inspiration!

The powerful interview with British Paralympian swimmer Ellie Robinson that rocked the UK last night. “I’ve been in agony this year, this is a story of triumph not of defeat. Even though I didn’t win a medal I went out on my terms. I went out the way I wanted to.”

Robinson came 5th in her butterfly final, missing bronze by a quarter of a second:

“There have been so many times where I have said, ‘If I have to crawl to the block on my hands and knees I will do it’,” she told Channel 4 after the race.

“I’ve spoken to physios in the past year and they have said we have no idea how you will carry on swimming.”

Robinson was diagnosed Perthes disease in her right hip and now has arthritis: “I was at a really low point in my life, struggling so much, seeing a psychiatrist, I was on medication. It has been one of the hardest years of my life.”

Her humbling and inspiring interview contained some words to live by: “This is just showing people that what threatens to weaken you will not conquer you, you will overcome it to end on your own terms, you are in control.

Ellie you are a Superwoman!

Image source: Paralympics Tokyo 2020

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