Community hero Nitin Naik helps provide support to over 200 children a year

nitin naik

Community hero Nitin Naik helps provide support to over 200 children a year

CulturalPulse community ambassador Nitin Naik has a goal to support at least 200 children each year.

In continuing his mission to provide help to children through education and his late father’s boxing clinic in Pune, Nitin has gathered the assistance of his global network of friends who ensure he is able to achieve his mission.

“My goal is to support 200 children each year; so 150 through education, and 50 through boxing,” he explained.

“I’ve been raising almost $20,000 AUD every year to support these causes, but I’m not putting all that money from my own pocket because I have enough of a network worldwide, so I have a good social platform.”

Nitin Naik

Nitin was inspired greatly by his father, who was the founder of the Maharashtra Institute of Games and Sport (MIGS), and despite working full-time, he would regularly give up his free hours to work with the community.

It was here that he trained hundreds of children in the sport of boxing for over 20 years, providing subsidised coaching to those of disadvantaged backgrounds.

“I took on my father’s journey because I wanted to continue his legacy, so I started supporting his boxing club, which is still at the same location in Pune, and we still continued on a $4 per month fee program for students who are from poor backgrounds,” Nitin said.

“It’s amazing to see that $4 can do so much to the motivation of a deserving sportsperson, especially since girls boxing has increased significantly over the last decade.

It has created a lot of increased awareness and the club has produced many female champions in recent years, even after my father passed away.

Despite currently living and working in Brisbane, Nitin has strong support on the ground from past students of his father, who want to continue to provide training to the children of Pune.

Since 2005, Nitin has also been educating deserving children through the Community Aid and Sponsorship Program (CASP), many of whom have graduated and gone on to give back to the organisation.

“I started promoting my work with this organisation, with which I am a life member, to my friends and families,” he said.

Now, we have 158 students getting support for socio-economic platforms through this organisation… and we’ve got quite a few children who have graduated since I started, and once they started earning, they continued to support the organisation.

“It’s a continuous cycle where people getting support are coming back and giving the same support to the organisation to help future students.”

With so much to give, Nitin is also a prominent community member in the Indian community in Brisbane, and he also hopes to soon start sponsoring disadvantaged children in Australia.

Learn more about MIGS here and CASP here.

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