Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney showcases Cinema Italia 2021 – The new Italians

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Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney showcases Cinema Italia 2021 – The new Italians

The Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney (IIC) in partnership with Sydney University and Palace Cinemas proudly presents Cinema Italia 2021: Multi-ethnic Italy: the new Italians!

This year, a selection of contemporary Italian movies showcases Italy as a destination for migrants from all over the world.

Lured by the tales of ancient cities like Rome (Roma), Venice (Venezia), Milan (Milano), Florence (Firenze) and Calabria, people from all over the world have been attracted to and settled in Italy over the centuries.

Whilst it is officially known as Repubblica Italiana (Italian Republic), the country’s nickname “Bel Paese” means beautiful country.

The fascination with Italy and all things ‘Italian’ remains as popular today as it did back then including its language, culture and history.




This series in particular has a unique significance due to the pandemic however organisers are complying with the health guidelines and able to offer lovers of Italian culture and heritage, members and students a series of enjoyable screenings in the cinema.

The screenings will be held at Palace Cinema Norton Street, Leichhardt on one Tuesday of each month.

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Guests will receive a prosecco on arrival.

The movies will be introduced by Antonella Beconi, Convenor for Italian at the Centre of Continuing Education, University of Sydney, and will be followed by a Q&A session moderated by Antonella Beconi with special guests for featured at each screening.

Pitza and Dates (Pitza e Datteri)

The next screening, Pitza and Dates (Pitza e datteri), will be held on Tuesday 11 May 2021 at Palace Cinemas, Norton Street commencing 6:30pm.

Special guests featured in the Q&A Post Film include:

Gili Kugler, Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Classical Hebrew, University of Sydney

Vrasidas Karalis, Professor of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, University of Sydney

Lucia Sorbera, Chair of Arabic Studies, University of Sydney


Pizza and Dates


Directed by Fariborz Kamkari, a Kurdish Iranian film director and producer, the film is a story of a small community of Muslims living in Venice, Italy and their daily problems along the way to becoming integrated into Italian society.



The story is completely shot in the canals of Venice, the city where historically, artistically-and romantically-East and West have met since time immemorial.



Palace Cinemas

Norton Street, 99 Norton Street, Leichhardt 2040.

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The Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney

The Italian Cultural Institute in Sydney, an official body of the Italian government, has as its aim the promotion of Italian language and culture in Australia (NSW, Queensland and NT) and New Zealand through the organisation of cultural events fostering the diffusion of ideas in the arts and sciences.

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According to the 2016 Census, there are 1,000,013 people by ancestry from Italy. Italian Australians comprise the sixth largest ethnic group in Australia.

If you would like to reach and engage the Italian communities across Australia, contact us by emailing [email protected]

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