Celebrating the 110th birthday of the oldest living cricketer!

Celebrating the 110th birthday of the oldest living cricketer!

“Red wine, yoga and happiness”.

These are the longevity secrets of Eileen Ash, the oldest living international cricketer who celebrated her 110th birthday recently this year.

Eileen has led an extraordinary life, her English test career beginning in 1937 and interrupted by the Second World War in which she worked for MI6 – the British Secret Intelligence Agency made famous by the James Bond movies.

She played seven tests in total, the last in 1949 and in 2011 was made an honorary life member of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), all capped off by having her own portrait at Lords.

Cricket is never far from her mind and one of her most cherished possessions is a signed bat given to her by Sir Donald Bradman that she keeps beside her bed at night in case of burglars.

Appropriately her carers organised for a special birthday bat to be made – engraved with the message: “Eileen Ash: 110 not out”

Eileen is an amazing woman who re-passed her driving test at 105, (the oldest ever in the UK) and until recently could be seen driving her yellow mini around Norwich.

She played golf until 98, shot hoops till 107 and still plays pool.

She is now the 12th oldest person alive in the UK (they are all women)

When asked if she ever suffers from aches and pains, Eileen said: “Not yet, when I’m older, I will apparently, but what is old?”

Words to live by and Happy Birthday Eileen!


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