Celebrating Serbian Independence Day!

Serbian Independence Day

Celebrating Serbian Independence Day!

Serbian Independence Day (Statehood Day) is celebrated over two days each year – 15 and 16 February each year and millions of people in Serbia and around the world, including Australia, will celebrate with pride.

Statehood Day commemorates the day of the first Serbian uprising against the Turks on the 15 February 1804 which lasted 9 years and remained under Turkish rule under the Ottomans.

This eventually led to a second uprising in 1815 lasting 2 years, with Serbia eventually recognised as a Principality.

The Principality of Serbia adopted the first Constitution on 15 February 1835 in city of Kragujevac in the Balkan region, the “Candlemas constitution”  (Sretenjski Ustav) which led to the creation of the modern Serbian state.

It’s also the religious holiday of Candlemas (Serbian – Sretenje), also known as the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple

The President of the Serbian Community Association of Australia, Ljubica Petrov said:

“The Serbian communities across Australia are extremely proud to celebrate this milestone in our country’s history. The Serbian people will mark this day with memorial services and despite the impact of the pandemic, will acknowledge the anniversary with families as well as the broader community.”

The Republic of Serbia is located in South Eastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. It is bordered by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia,  Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro.



The population with Serbian ancestry in Australia is 73,901 with the largest populations based in Melbourne and Sydney. Source: ABS Data 2016.

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