Destination NSW


Destination NSW was keen to engage the Indian, Pakistani and West Indian Communities in NSW to increase attendance at the opening match of the ICC T20 Women’s Cricket World Cup for INDIA, PAKISTAN and WEST INDIES.

The Aproach

a: Insights: research general consumer behavior and content consumption pattern of the target audience within the diasporas.

b: Strategy: develop 4 x authentic influencer videos (in language) and push them out onshore via the Cultural Pulse micro influencer networks and Database Management Platforms.

c: Execution: a community digital marketing campaign with culturally relevant and engaging content disseminated within the CulturalPulse Network for India, Pakistan and West Indian communities.

Key outputs/outcomes

932,164 – Culturally segmented content Reach

335,421 – Cultural segmented Video Views

6,389 – clicks direct to ticketing pages – opening matches

13,432 – record breaking crowd for the opening game