a2 Milk


The a2 Milk Company is originally from New Zealand and sells fresh milk and infant milk formula in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom. Following its success in China, a2 was seeking research and insights on the feasibility and potential success of entering the Korean market. South Korea was considered an attractive market opportunity for The a2 Milk Company given its high per capita dairy consumption and advanced e-Commerce infrastructure.


We needed to identify, access and engage South Korean mothers in Australia who have been in the country less than six months to gather CX insights and deliver a market entry report.

Our challenge was to provide evidence for a business case for a2’s entry into the South Korean market using qualitative and quantitative research of South Korean mothers to ascertain their current infant baby formula preferences and behaviours. To successfully enter the market, we were to assess a2’s strategic differentiation and test price points for various a2 products.

Key outputs/outcomes

Qualitative and quantitative insights presented to a2 executive and strategy team. In 2018, The a2 Milk Company expanded its Asian footprint by entering the South Korean market with an exclusive sales and distribution agreement with Yuhan Corporation, the largest South Korean pharmaceutical company.