Black Box – Alliance Francaise French Film Festival

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Black Box – Alliance Francaise French Film Festival

Black Box (Boîte Noire) is one of the films that is celebrating its International Premiere at the 32nd Alliance Francaise French Film Festival. 

When a brand-new aircraft on a flight from Dubai to Paris crashes, Mathieu (Pierre Niney, Promise at Dawn, AF FFF17), one of the best black box analysts available, is assigned the task of finding out what happened.

Before he gets the chance to properly investigate, the case is dismissed.

Something is not right and Mathieu wants to discover the truth.


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Defying his superiors and increasingly putting himself at risk, Mathieu becomes relentless in his pursuit to find out what happened to the ill-fated flight. But what price will he have to pay?

It’s a thrilling story about one man’s determination to get to the bottom of what caused a horrifying plane crash.

It won’t take long for this film to reel in audiences with its cinematography, the mystery and tension, keeping teveryone in suspense until the final shocking reveal.

Written and directed by Yann Gozlan, who also directed Niney in A Perfect Man (AF FFF16), Black Box is a gripping dive into the murky depths of an insidious cover-up and the extreme lengths people will go to fight for the truth.

The Film Also stars Lou De Laage, Andre Dussollier, Sebastian Pouderoux and Olivier Rabourdin.



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