Australian Red Cross Beirut Explosion Appeal

Australian Red Cross Beirut Explosion Appeal

Australian Red Cross Beirut Explosion Appeal

6 months on from the explosion in #Beirut Australian Red Cross and Lebanese Red Cross have provided more than 200,000 people with essential medical care, shelter, food and support.

Hospitals and homes were destroyed, families lost their livelihoods. Loved ones were separated, so many were traumatised.


Josh Mansour representing South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Lebanese Community Australia said:

I am so proud how our community came together. You put on banquets and launched ‘Go Fund me campaigns’ and gave what you could! You sweated through charity runs, organised school fundraisers. You got your family and friends to dig deep. In total you raised over $775000. What an incredible achievement….”

That money helped thousands that were injured, receive emergency healthcare.
It provided food and essentials for families that had lost everything.

It gave shelter to those who lost their homes.
It provided psychosocial support to the many that were traumatised. And it continues to provide emergency cash grants every month to 10,000 families in need.

Together with Red Cross you have helped over 200,000 in Beirut survive this devastating disaster and in the months to come your donations will help Beirut get back on its feet.


Australian Red Cross Beirut Explosion Appeal


The generous donations by the communities in Australia helped make this possible.

For more information on the Lebanese Red Cross relief efforts click here

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