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During the 2023 Money In Sport Conference on the Gold Coast, CulturalPulse CEO Reg Raghavan emphasised the untapped potential of multicultural fans for the sports industry.

He highlighted the transformative impact of the Asian Cup 2015 on the relationship with sports, emphasising its significance in the Australian multicultural market.

Reg Raghavan discussed the strategic approach taken to target smaller communities participating in the Asian Cup 2015, particularly focusing on away team matches. Overcoming the challenge of engagement, the initiative involved deep community involvement and a well-executed marketing strategy.

A notable achievement was the initial target of 350,000 tickets by selling 650,000 tickets, largely attributed to the success of engaging smaller communities in the away team matches. The involvement of 280 community ambassadors at the grassroots level proved key for success in this accomplishment.

The unique aspect of this approach was the recognition of cultural backgrounds, leading to a sense of belonging among the community ambassadors who felt “more Australian.” Reg Raghavan emphasised the importance of acknowledging dual identities within communities as a key factor for success and growth in major sporting events and organisations.