Ali Baba providing opportunities for businesses to crack into Chinese market

Ali Baba providing opportunities for businesses to crack into Chinese market

Alibaba Group last year introduced the first Alibaba E-Commerce Expo to Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, with the aim of connecting small businesses in Australia and New Zealand to the ever-expanding Chinese market. The event was the perfect opportunity for these businesses to enter the markets due to the rising disposable incomes around the world, as well as a greater enthusiasm towards online shopping.

By tapping into the growing Chinese market and taking advantage of the rising consumer spending power, a new generation of more sophisticated, tech-savvy consumers are coming to the surface, looking for quality merchandise, fresh foods and travel experiences.

The Alibaba event also featured experts who explained the nuances of a Chinese consumer, demonstrating what they buy, how they buy, how they travel and how they influence the trends and technologies around the world.

According to Statista, in 2017, China’s retail e-commerce sales is forecasted to be around $840 billion dollars by 2021, setting the benchmark for present and future online retailing. For businesses interested in tapping into this market, the 2018 Alibaba E-Commerce Expo will be taking place in both Sydney and Melbourne on 20-22 September and 18-20 October respectively.

Anisha Mistry

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