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What are micro-communities?

What do we do?

CulturalPulse is a global company headquartered in Australia with a presence in New Zealand and Asia.

Global trends show that people are migrating internally and across borders at the highest rate in history. Major cities across the world are becoming more diverse and this means that organisations need to keep up with their strategies and the external marketing and/or communication they send. 

Our core focus is to maximise the effectiveness of an organisation’s reach and engagement to its potential audience base. 

We provide diverse audience and customer insights (7550 audience profiles), expert reviews on Creative marketing material (5000 cultural experts) and a media platform to reach your segmented audience (100 million reach globally). 


How do we do it?

We use our proprietary micro-community process and technology to help all companies segment and hyper target their ideal audience/customers.

First, we use our proprietary database of 1 billion records driven by machine learning to help organisations identify where their growth and churn trends are. We have 7500+ audience profiles representing the population based on diverse segmentation. We deliver monthly insights reports to provide evidence around these trends.

Secondly, we optimise your Creative and content for the identified segments using our 5000+ strong list of community experts. 

Finally, we link this with our proprietary community audience network (2.5 million in Australia/NZ and 100 million globally) to drive behaviour change, deeper engagement and fast growth.

The above process happens in a seamless, turnkey and authentic process- providing marketers with an end to end solution to drive 20-50% customer growth. 

Our Vision & Mission

Mission: Help organisations communicate services and product information to large, diverse audiences, quickly and effectively.

Vision: Everyone has fair and equitable access to life-enhancing information, regardless of their background or cultural value system.

Our Values

The secret to CulturalPulse’s success and why clients always get great value from us, is our in-built value system:

  • High quality delivery
  • Respectful communication
  • Energetic Collaboration
  • Play!
  • Authenticity

These values are realised internally first- our Advisory Board, Company Directors, Chief Executive, Staff and Suppliers; then externally through our community partners, industry partners, clients and their audiences. 


Our Team

We have a multi-disciplinary team across the fields of Marketing, Sales, Media, Anthropology, Technology, Sport, Community Engagement, and Research & Evaluation. 

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Founder’s Note

Organisations that effectively embrace culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) audiences will drive faster growth than those that do not.
CulturalPulse’s micro-community data insights and large community network will enable Australia’s largest organisations to reach new audiences.

David Morgan (Sydney)
Global Chairman